• How to do structural strengthening with carbon fiber

    Carbon fiber reinforcement is a new type of reinforcement method that plays a very important role in building reinforcement engineering. There are many places where it can be used. In the building reinforcement industry, carbon fiber reinforcement is…

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  • Gaoziku Reservoir Reinforcement Engineering Campaign Announcement

    This campaign project Gaoziku Reservoir Reinforcement Project (project name) has been organized and implemented by Suining Kaida Investment Co., Ltd. as the project owner according to the approval of the management committee. The project has been qua…

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  • Infrastructure Madman- Thunder God Mountain Hospital in the all-night battle

    Build a hospital in 10 days to support Wuhan to fight against the plague 1:27 January 29, 2020, aerial photography of the construction site of Wuhan Lei Shenshan Hospital, the workers work overtime and overnight. At 1:40 in the morning, Mr. Xiong, wh…

    News 29/01/2020
  • The most comprehensive strategy of Concrete column reinforcement

    Concrete column is the main load-bearing component in the building. With the increase of the service time of the building, the durability of the concrete column is prone to decline and the strength and rigidity are insufficient due to the early defec…

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  • New Material of Composite Piling

    Composite sheet pile is a kind of high-strength new material, which is made of the environmental polymer reinforced composite material by a variety of additives. The shape of sheet pile is designed according to the mechanical principle, adopting the …

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  • Stair design and reinforcement

    Stairs are divided into two types: staircases and beams. Slab stairs are composed of platform beams, platform slabs, and ramp slabs. Beam staircases have increased ramp sloping beams compared to slab stairs. The stair steps and plates have similar st…

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  • Decrypting Carbon Fiber

    Carbon fiber is made of organic parent fiber such as polyacrylonitrile (PAN) (or asphalt, viscose) by pyrolysis method under high temperature above 1000 degrees Celsius inert gas (the result is to remove most elements except carbon) Is an inorganic p…

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  • Types of cracks in building structures  

    “Cracks”-a construction problem that plagues most people. Our company also often receives inquiries about cracks. Many owners find cracks on the walls, beams, floors, etc. of their houses. They are all worried about whether the cracks wil…

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  • Facebook 全球货币战略:从企业进化成“超级国家”

    民族国家是人类有史以来最强大的社会结构。数以百万计的人因为这样或那样的原因联系在一起,起草管理社会网络的法律。组织这一网络的原因可以任意,如信仰不可剥夺的权利,或共同的语言、地理、经济等。因此,官僚和独裁者,无论是否由选举产生,都会起草法律来影响通讯,管理社会组织,建设基础设施,并为他们的社会做出经济决策。如此一来,少数人的决定会影响许多人的生活——无论是好是坏。 Facebook监管着一个平台,这个平台就影响着通讯、管理着社会组织、建设着基础设施,并为有史以来规模最大的社会网络做出经济决策。虽…

  • iPod touch又回来了,但活下去的理由不是情怀

    时隔近四年,美国时间5月28日,苹果公司悄悄在官网上线了新一代iPod touch。 iPod曾是苹果非常重要的一个产品线,但随着iPod最主要的功能(播放音乐)被智能手机分流,它渐渐沦为苹果相对次要的产品线。 时至今日,苹果官网还在售的iPod系列也仅剩iPod touch了。 四年后iPod touch终于更新 iPod首个产品是iPod classic,于2001年10月发布,iPod系列曾推出iPod mini、iPod nano、iPod shuffle、iPod touch等多款经典…